The Works Of A Depressed Man Essay

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Poe: The Works of a Depressed Man
In this paper, will analyze the works of the great poet Edgar Allen Poe. My focus of this analysis will be his theme and how it related to his life. The poems I will be analyzing are Annabel Lee, The Raven, and Spirts of the dead to show the themes of Poe’s works. My analysis will show how Poe used the tragic events of his life as well as a few of the good things that happened to ultimately inspire themes of death, depression, and despair as well as some other minor themes in his works to immortalize his feelings about the world around him.
Edgar Allen Poe was a writer, editor, and literary critic from Baltimore, Maryland who in the early part of his life would write short stories and poems while on staff at various newspapers. Poe 's tales of mystery and horror gave rise to the modern detective story earning him the name "Father of the Detective Story.” (“Edgar Allan Poe Biography”) Early in his life Poe had many things that influenced his use of death, depression, and despair as themes for his works. As a young boy, His father left the family early his life and then Poe Lost his mother to tuberculosis. Poe was later separated from his siblings after which Poe was sent to live with John and Frances Valentine Allan. While living with the Allen’s Poe was discourage from writing poems by John Allen who want him to follow him into the family business instead.
While Poe was in college he found himself unable to fully pay for the cost that were

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