The World Is Too Much With Us, And Ray Bradbury 's `` There Will Come Soft Rains ``

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Piles of trash and waste all over the ground and on every beach. Is this the future of our planet? It might be if nothing is done to protect the Earth. One day devoted to preventing this situation is Earth Day, April 22nd, which is not as popular as a holiday as it should be. Starting in 1970, Earth Day was created to show the increasing concern for our planet due to the occurring nuclear wars and pollution build up (Earth Day Network). The holiday encourages using less technology and getting outside to clean up and enjoy the nature Earth offers. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark”, William Wordsworth’s “The World Is Too Much with Us”, and Ray Bradbury’s “There Will Come Soft Rains” are all examples of why we should focus less on what …show more content…

The plot involving nature revolves around Aylmer’s “degree of faith in man’s ultimate control over nature”, which Hawthorne hints at the beginning of the story (215-225). When Hawthorne says that Aylmer may want control of nature, he means that Aylmer wants to be more powerful than nature and be able to conquer its creations. Aylmer believes that the blemish on his wife’s cheek makes her “imperfect” because it shows that nature allows nothing to be flawless, despite many people thinking that Georgina is. She is the representation of natural pureness and also sees the flaw on her face as a blessing of nature, until Aylmer convinces her it must be removed for her to be perfect (“The Birthmark”). Georgiana seems to have some control over her husband with the nature inside her as she sings a song to make him feel better; however, Aylmer has no way to control his wife and her birthmark with science and this aggravates him to no end (SparkNotes Editors). Aylmer and Georgiana know that they will never be happy in their marriage until the birthmark is removed because of how disgusted Aylmer becomes with the thought of nature controlling him and his wife (“The Birthmark, An Introduction”). The removable of the birthmark is the ultimate test of Aylmer’s reputation of being one of the best scientists of his time (“The Birthmark”). He will not rest until the birthmark is removed, giving him the satisfaction that he is more

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