The World Is Too Much With Us By William Wordsworth Analysis

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It was no secret that William Wordsworth was a nature lover. His love for nature was clearly seen in many of his brilliant writings in poetry. Many of his poems were inspired by nature itself and being out in nature allowed him to produce legendary poems that still today, capture the minds of readers. As technology advances, we as humans are becoming lost in the “cyber world” and this has caused many of us to lose touch with nature. It’s sad to say that, because of the increasing amount of technology in the world now a day we would rather spend our free time on our phones or catching up on the latest tv shows than taking a relaxing walk in the park while embracing the natural wonders that surround us. Through the poems “The World Is Too Much with Us” and “The Tables Turned” written by one of most the genuine “nature writer” himself William Wordsworth, he expresses how mankind has become distant with nature and the values of spending time with nature. Looking at Wordsworth poem “The World Is Too Much with Us”, it mainly tells us that humans have become detached from nature. The poem opens up with “The World Is Too Much with Us”(1) it conveys to us that people have developed the need for material things rather than connecting with the natural world. Material things don’t just magically appear when you ask for it and because of the high demand for material things in our society, people tend to focus on “getting and spending”(2) money to get the things that they want.
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