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Post-apocalyptic novels tend to include the destruction and termination of the Earth as we know it. It usually involves situations such as the spread of malicious diseases, natural disasters, man-made disasters, alien invasions, or war as a whole. Readers tend to enjoy this literary genre because it is a fun way to evaluate all of the population’s future obstacles with the classic tales of adventure and survival. Authors benefit from writing in this category because it lets them write creatively with a larger theme in mind. So while mankind’s future makes a great doomsday novel, in The Host, Stephenie Meyer chooses to write on the alien’s perspective to make readers question what it means to care for another. Although this is a broad …show more content…

She was gleeful. It was always harder to control her when I was distracted by emotion like this.
I tried to calm myself so that I would be able to put her in her place.
You are in my place.
Her thought was faint but intelligible. How much worse it was getting; she was strong enough to speak to me now whenever she wished. It was as bad as that first minute of consciousness.
Go away. It’s my place now.
Never. (Meyer, Chapter 5)
In the text from above, the sentence begins with “of course” because, for Wanderer, Melanie is a persistent nuisance that makes her presence known at the worst of times (Meyer 5). Reader’s can practically feel her desperation and frustration with this newly found weakness. Melanie, however, is described as “smug” and “gleeful (Meyer 5).” She seeks to bring her enemy as much pain as she can exhibit, which is not a lot when you are on mental lockdown. As the passage continues, the interesting phrasing is the continual use of “I” and “my.” Both of the individuals want to separate themselves from the other as much as possible by showing their dominance and possession of the body. Because the two characters are unable to fight it out physically, a language battle is a better alternative. This is a bigger advantage for Melanie because it keeps Wanderer’s attention on her mind and not her

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