The World Of An Immigrant

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Humanity is ever so much more complicated than one could have ever imagined. Humans can thrive on change, but ultimately look for something to declare as home. In search of this home people travel long distances and risk everything they have. When an American contemplates the word immigrant, one imagines the countless people from Mexico crossing into our country or the refugees that hope to make this country their home. What eludes most of us, however, is the reality that most people were, at one point, immigrants to this country and that our forefathers came here exactly the same as refugees come today. What is brought to mind when I hear the word immigrant is hope and perseverance. I remember the countless people who have traveled here …show more content…

The first question that I asked my interviewee was why her family made the choice to come to the United States. This seems to be a simple and surface level question, but when it is looked into it can be seen that there is much depth. Mary’s family is from the country of Italy. Her great grandmother arrived at Coney Island in the early 1900’s. They spoke only Italian and came to the United states to make a better life for themselves. Life was hard back in Italy and although they were not poor times were tough. Mary’s family sold everything that they had to come to this country and arrived with only one suitcase. This fact really stood out to me and I asked Mary why they would risk so much for something so vague. She told me that America at that time was the dream for many people and that they would have done absolutely anything to get here. Her great grandmother came with her husband and their daughter, who at the time was only a baby.
My next question was what they expected to find in America. Mary was very clear that they wanted to find success and happiness. Her great grandmother wanted to better her life for her children and give them more opportunities. This was, and still is, the image that America tends to emit. America stood for a better future and off of that, a future filled with hope. When they got to America Mary’s family came through Coney Island and settled in The Bronx. They

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