The World Of Internet And Social Media

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Despites their advantages can the Internet and social network be misused to exert political violence? Does and or should it make a different in what political system this is taking place?

There has been a new world created out of technology and that world is now affecting and dictating the functionality of our entire world. This new world is called the world of Internet and social media. The world of Internet and social media has now created a new form of citizen who are called users, and these users uses the Internet and social media to do manage their day-to-day activities. It not just the only day-to-day activities that the Internet and social media are getting involved with, they have also redefined the way we do things including how we react to world events, travel, send messages or information, source for information, where to sell and buy products, how and when to make payment for product purchased, and in fact, in order for patient to get an adequate treatment in the hospital or for student to be taught well in schools by teachers or lecturers these days, an internet is required as well as social media to get feedbacks from the patients and student respectively (Dawson, 2015: 15-47).

It expedient to note that social networking can only be available on a compatible Internet devices as internet appear to be the only medium through which social network activities can be performed. Also, there is one unique feature that emerges from social media i.e.…
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