The World State Conditioning Effect On People

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English 105
Essay First Draft
Due: Week 8
By: Ha Linh Quan (ID: QUAHD1403)
The World State Conditioning Effect on People Reading Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley, readers are led to a dystopia in which the World State takes control over everything including reproduction, consumption and the most important of all‐conditioning. Although Lenina and Linda are not the main characters that bring the story to its climax, they play significant roles in the story as they represent the people being affected by the World State conditioning. Lenina Crowne is a young and beautiful Beta working in vaccination at Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. Similar to anyone else in this world, her behaviour is greatly modified by the government. In her very first date with Bernard, while Bernard preferred spending time walking and talking, Lenina, in contrast, wanted to go for “a swim at … at the Oxford Union” or “a round of Electro‐magnetic Golf at St. Andrew’s” (Ch.6). Lenina was trained to be interested in country sports in order to motivate the consumption. Only when people like her join country sports does the economy gain benefits from the use of transportation as well as consumption of sports’ facilities. Hence, all she could think of what to do on a date was going for country sports. Though she was taught to enjoy country sports, she wasn’t allowed to enjoy the beauty of nature. Later in this date, she was actually scared of the nature described as “the rushing emptiness of the…
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