The World State Conditioning Effect On People

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English 105 Essay First Draft Due: Week 8 By: Ha Linh Quan (ID: QUAHD1403) The World State Conditioning Effect on People Reading Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley, readers are led to a dystopia in which the World State takes control over everything including reproduction, consumption and the most important of all‐conditioning. Although Lenina and Linda are not the main characters that bring the story to its climax, they play significant roles in the story as they represent the people being affected by the World State conditioning. Lenina Crowne is a young and beautiful Beta working in vaccination at Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. Similar to anyone else in this world, her behaviour is greatly modified by the government. In her …show more content…

Under the effect of conditioning, her feeling toward the beauty was “horrible” and she did not even try to spend a moment realizing the picturesque view of the sea in peace. Besides, Lenina’s perspective about sexual activities is greatly affected by the conditioning. To Lenina, making love is just like recreation. When Bernard mentioned about being alone with her, she replied that they would be alone all night but her actual mean was about making love with him. In the World State, being alone is considered odd or queer but having sex is an ordinary activity that even the children do so. Later, while Bernard and Lenina flew back, Bernard “began to fondle her breasts” (Ch.6). It is ironic that Bernard’s action was considered offensive and Lenina was supposed to feel uncomfortable but she was not. In fact, she actually felt relieved as she thought he was all right again. In another scene, after hearing John’s confession about his feeling toward Lenina when she came to him, she started to seduce him (Ch.13). Though John was trying to explain about how much he loved her, and that he respected her and wanted to marry her, Lenina couldn’t understand what he meant. Under the conditioning of the government, she was not aware of marriage‐the life-long commitment between two human beings, and she only knew that people made love when they were in love. Hence, once John

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