The World With A Different Perspective And Background

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Each and every one of us examines the world with a different perspective and background. We grew up in a society where everyone comes from a different race, ethnicity and religion. I was just nine years old when I came to the United States, leaving all my friends behind in Iran. Coming from a completely different society to here where everyone is outrageous and different. For an eye of a nice year old, seeing people with different races was scary and all I could do was keep every emotion in myself and not talk to anyone. The teachers noticed because I wasn’t engaging in activities like others and that’s when my parents got involved. I was close to my mom so I told her how I was feeling at school and she told me that everyone is native to every country. For instance, my mother said, “although you were born in Iran, your ancestors were from Armenian and due to harsh circumstances, every race is spread everywhere around the world.” and from that day I started to become friends with everyone at school. From everything in the world, learning is something that we won’t ever regret because it won’t bring us any harm even if we grow old. The people that I’m mostly thankful to have in my life are my parents because without them I wouldn’t be here right now. ¬¬They explained to me the difference between right and wrong and I owe them a lot in the future. Along them I had my peers that helped me along the way because I met different people with different personalities. Last but not
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