The World 's Leading Industrial Countries

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This paper will discuss the comparisons between the Group of seven (G7) countries known as the world’s leading industrial countries and their economic performance since the financial crisis using the IS – LM model.

Representatives of the European Union , that includes the presidency of the European Union and the European Central Bank , as well as leaders of international financial institutions and regularly attend. In the year 2013 the United Kingdom assumed the presidency of the Group of 7 will host a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors on Friday May 10 and Saturday , 11th G7 finance ministers make and central bank governors from seven countries : Canada, France , Germany, Italy , Japan, Great Britain and the United States. The group met regularly since 1976 to discuss key issues related to global economic stability.
The G20 conferences included national leaders for the first time in 2008 amid the world financial crisis and recession, and in 2009 G20 leaders announced plans for the G20 to replace its predecessors as the main forum for global economic policy, reflecting the increased economic importance of China and other emerging-market nations.
Emerging nations had long complained that their interests were not addressed during the G7 meetings; these concerns resulted in the first meeting of the newly formed Group of Twenty, with the G8 nations plus Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, the European Union, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South

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