The World 's Leading Oil Nations

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newspaper clippings. Pictures of prepped missiles and the peculiar little man his grey overcoat swamped the headlines. Was he seriously contemplating an attack on a western city or was he merely bluffing? These were the questions politicians all over the world were asking. Of course the press had already come to their own conclusion and made it their duty to scaremonger the American public.
The little man may have been strangely short and even laughable to some but there was no escaping his potential threat to the West. He was the tyrannical dictator of one of the world’s leading oil nations. Of course the US never saw any of this, no matter how much they wanted to. He had chosen to isolate his country from the Western world and refused to
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The little red light on the board at which he was sitting began to flash. This meant ultrasound waves were being intercepted. This wasn’t technically legal and it was frowned upon by most countries but the United States believed it was a necessary security measure. If the world found out there would most likely be public outcry at best. At the worst, and what was most likely was that another country or group of countries would attack the US. America was no longer the superpower it once was and was vulnerable to attack.
Talbot picked up his headset and tuned in. At first all he could hear was a screech of white noise but then came through the transmission as clearly as polished silver wear. He heard a man with a very deep voice speaking. Of course he wasn’t speaking English but Talbot had the necessary qualification to translate what was being said as quickly as it came through. The first few words were merely a greeting and another totally random word which Talbot guessed was a code word. There was then a reply from another man with a slight Russian ascent. Talbot had first assumed this conversation would be much like all the others, vague and insignificant. But as the conversation progressed, Talbot’s interest increased. He isolated the first deep voiced man who appeared to be spurting out a series of numbers. The two men then ended the
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