The Worldwide Criminal Justice System

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In the following paper, I will describe what worldwide criminal justice systems are doing to address the criminal issues I identified. I will talk about the terrorist group ISIS about the crimes they have committed. Then I will discuss how the worldwide criminal justice system handled the crime. The last thing I will discuss is the effectiveness of the systems response and include suggestions for future responses to combat or prevent these crimes. The Criminal justice system have begun to monitor the Arab community. Not much has become of this since the Justice Department view it as racial profiling. Even the beheading in Oklahoma wit was not ruled a terrorist attack. A problem with the criminal justice system noting is defined as…show more content…
ISIS has posted their crimes on social media and the world remains quit about the happening with this this terrorist group. What harsh is that there is evidence of their crimes and the polished on twitter. “The Yazidi girls are raped five times a day and burnt with cigarettes.” (Tonkin, 2015). What more evidence is needed to prosecute these criminals? These girls are passed through these criminals like dodge ball. Many of them have given account of what they went through and the criminal justice system in Iraq and Syria looks on. Not even the United States system has step in to help the victims of these violent crimes. The United States has great resource to find these guys and prosecute. Some country have been involve lately to help the women escape the horrible life they were accustom to under ISIS. Charities got involved to offer assistant to the women and children. As for as the criminal justice system nothing really has happen on that end. Another than military dropping a few bombs on them. The world criminal justice system has kind of look the other way of the ongoing violence against these people. Its makes you think that the criminal courts are all the same that rarely go after harden criminals. It seems the court is having the Stockholm syndrome with ISIS. The court has just seem to be passive when it comes to bring justice to these guys. Many in the system seem it easier to go
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