The Worst And Best Decision Of My Life

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Growing up

From a very young age i realized how hard my life was going to be, or so i was making it for myself. I started out as a small skinny little blonde boy living in the suburbs of Chicago at my grandparents house with my parents Pat and Scott. My mother worked at a hair salon with her friends and was happier than ever, or so i thought. My father on the other hand was a truck driver driving all across the country. He was an alcoholic and was constantly getting into trouble and my fathers side of the family did nothing but enable him. When i was two years old we were in the process of building a home in Joliet, about midway through that process my father lost his job and we decided to move somewhere a little cheaper ,and closer …show more content…

As well with trying to juggle new bedroom and new house in general. One memory that i can remember is being around four or five and going to a school called Head-start. It was a preschool in a town near us and it was fun. I met my first friend there. Her name was Nikki and almost twenty years later im still friends with her today. I remember a time when i wanted a new bed for my bedroom. I went up to my mom and said “mom can i get bunk beds like Lauren had in her room”, Lauren was my friend in Illinois. She was about eight years older than me and was more a babysitter, but she was my friend nonetheless. My mother went and ordered bunk beds from some place and we just had to wait for them in the mail. Everyday coming home from school after that i would anticipate there being bunkbeds when i got home. Sometimes i would even check in the garage and underneath the cars when i got home just in case my parents would try and trick me or something when i asked. To my dismay, probably two weeks went by and they didn 't come. I finally almost for got about them and when i walked in the door after school one day my mom and dad told me to look in my room. They were there! all set up and ready for a slumber party! I remember a little bit after that my mother talked to Nikki 's mother and we had a sleepover. We watched one of our favorite movies, The Aristocats. Nikki always had a thing for animals and i just loved the songs. We would laugh and sing and even make

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