The Worst Day Of My Life

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Driiiiing! I immediately shake out of my daze, packing up my Chemistry textbook and clutter of work that had been assigned today. It has only been a week and I am already drowning in school work, which as messed with my sleep schedule, leaving me oblivious in all my classes. I stumble out of the classroom, putting in my earbuds, trying to drown out the sound of the noisy, gossiping teenagers that crowd the hallways. I attempt to release from my mind the tons of schoolwork that I have, so I decide to go somewhere to get away from my negative thoughts. I finally reach the library where I try to think, soon becoming eased in the silence of the room. Only this feeling instantly goes away and I freeze; voices everywhere are drowning out my own thoughts; “I am going to fail the Biology test tomorrow” “This is the worst day of my life” “I can’t wait to visit Ben at the hospital today, I miss him”. All I could hear are the voices of other students, only no one was moving their mouth. I quickly bolted out of the room contemplating what just happened, running down the front steps of the school.
“Allison, how was school today?” my father asks as I scramble into his office at the Lincolnville police department.
“Good,” I say apprehensively, failing to mention what had just happened ten minutes earlier.
“A new suspect, Tim Hanson in the Mckinley murder has just been detained in cell 1. He seems to be guilty based on the claims from the key witness,” Anthony, the police sketch artist
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