The Worst Day Of My Life

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You would think the day I got the news would be the worst day of my life so far. Or the first time I got news like that period. But when something overwhelming like that happens to you, so many emotions fill you all at once. Dread, disbelief, fear, hope… everything. And with all those emotions rushing through you, it becomes hard to understand what you’re actually feeling- the main emotion you’re experiencing. And so you don’t really have time to think on what’s happening because you’re so confused. It’s almost as if you’re brain just can’t process feeling more than one thing at a time. So you just sit there almost… numb and… alone. No that day wasn’t the worst day for me. I actually hardly felt a thing that day, being so numb from the…show more content…
I loved Miami and all of my friends there, who were like family to me. We promised to write, though I had my doubts that we would be able to stay connected even after just a few months. Call me pessimistic, but I felt as though we’d soon lose touch. Three, my father- my loving, caring, understanding father- was dead. On our way to the ocean that was a skip away from our house, a semi driver apparently fell asleep at the wheel. Hence the reason why you shouldn’t work triple shifts. It was a terrible crash that sent a few people to the hospital, including me. It was when I woke up that they told me he didn’t even make it into the ambulance. That they couldn’t revive him after the divers found him. I had gotten barely a scratch, and he had lost his life. We were in the same accident, the same car that was shoved off the bridge and into the water, yet he still died and I lived. It was upsetting to say the very least. Why? Because I hated myself for being the one that lived. Four, the crash itself kept playing over and over in my mind. I had loved the ocean, growing up with it being so close by. Hence one reason my father and I even took a trip to it that day of the crash. My father, mother, and I had shared that love. But after the crash, it had become one of my worst fears. My doctor suggested counseling, but I refused. I mean I was a little nervous around water now-no big deal. Plenty of people had worse fears than mine. Grandma also suggested seeing

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