The Worst Lie In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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The worst lie you can tell is one you tell to yourself. The best advice a coach has ever told me is that you learn more from losing than winning. If you deny that you have ever lost you can’t learn to win and the Loman family refuses to accept the truth and decides to live in their own little world instead. The problem with living in your own world is you're the only one living in it. In The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller one of the Major themes of the book is denial and the inability the Lomans have to accept change in themselves and in society.
Each member of their family is living in denial about one thing or another. In act 1 of the play Willy states “Certain men just don’t get started 'til later in life. Like Thomas Edison, I think. Or B.F Goodrich.” about his son Biff. Willy refuses to think his son isn’t successful. Instead he just believes it will take him longer to become a “successful businessman” despite the unlikelihood that will ever happen. He tries to live vicariously through Biff because he also refuses to accept that he himself is a mediocre salesman at best and refuses to take a different job that would help him and his family out substantially. There is nothing wrong with perseverance and never giving up but with Willy’s
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Biff is at the center of Willy’s internal problems and flashbacks, and Biff is the only one in the play who seems to achieve any growth as a person. In the beginning of the play Biff was obsessed with his father like most young boys and thought that Willy was flawless. Biff later realizes that Willy isn perfect and that he is most likely the reason he was never successful. If Biff wouldn't have denied his dad's personality flaws until he saw him having an affair in Boston and realized how important school was before that he probably would have never flunked math and who knows how successful Biff actually would have
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