The Worst Nightmare - Original Writing

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Shivers I hear heavy breathing outside the closet door, so I think the monster knows I 'm here. I guess I should catch you up. I 've been hiding in this closet for hours, and I 'm writing this in case I don’t make it out of here alive. Every night for the past 2 weeks I 've been hearing noises, and 3 nights ago I saw it. I woke up to the noises as usual, but instead of finding nothing there, I saw a terribly gruesome figure. It seemed like it had been human at some point, but it were nothing but a rotting carcass now. That kinda made me feel bad for it, pitied it in a way, because It was deformed in such an agonizing way. In It must 've sensed my fear because it moved as if to launch itself toward me, and in fact, I was absolutely petrified. I couldn 't even move because of fear paralysis, so I just laid there in horror as my worst nightmare came true. I shut my eyes real quick, expecting to feel it 's deformities on my body, but after a minute or so I didn 't feel anything, so I slowly crept open my eyes and I saw it, within inches of my face, just staring at me. I could feel its hot breath on my neck, as I felt bile rising up in my throat. That thing I saw, wasn 't human anymore. It unhinged its mouth like a snake, swallowing my silver watch whole. The worst part was that it wouldn 't leave, it had me stuck in a paralyzed state for what seemed like hours. Finally, it left. The largest grin was sprawled across its face, as it sunk into the shadows. I was
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