The Y Greene : A Quiet, But Not Silent Hero

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Cheryll Y Greene: A Quiet, but not Silent Hero History is not about events that have transpired, it is about those events that have been recorded. The first people who author history are reporters, who’s job it is to keep the masses informed of current events. The second authors of history are the historians, who weave together threads of information in order to produce a tapestry of narratives used to illustrate what has occurred. However, as recent events pass into history there are people who are at these watersheds. Such individuals provide a priceless window into these events. One such person is Cheryll Y Greene. Who while is best known for her work on the PBS documentary “Malcolm X: Make it plain” also worked on a number of other major projects about both the history of others and her own personal experiences as a woman of color in her time in a way that is accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds. Greene’s first major breakthrough into the popular view was her contributions to Essence magazine, whose target audience was African-American women between the ages of eighteen and forty-nine years old. Greene used this platform along with other contributors and editors to provide a platform to empower the magazine’s targeted demographic. One of the many articles she authored is an interview with June Jordan and Angela Davis. Later on, Greene worked as an executive editor for seven years from 1983-1990. fifteen years after Greene’s departure from essence the

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