The Year Of The Flood By Margaret Atwood

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ENG4U - Interim ISU Progress Report

The book I have chosen to read for my ISU is Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Year of the Flood’. The book has 434 pages in total and I am currently on page 170.

The book is not hard to read, but the fact that it switches from different times and perspectives every chapter, which are not consistent or within a certain pattern occasionally makes it confusing. This book is also different from the books I am used to reading, giving me a unique and interesting change in perspective. I am also very interested in science and technology, and this book has a lot of that. In fact, Atwood says that a big chunk of her readers are “biogeeks”. To tend to any confusion, I write a one or two-line chapter summary of the main
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‘The Year of the Flood’ takes place in various different settings, as the book is written from the perspectives of two different people, however, they are both in North America. So far, the book has mainly taken place in the EdenCliff Rooftop Garden, where the God’s Gardeners, a vegan, religious, and unconventional “hippy” group reside. I believe that the constant comparison between the pleeblands and the compounds were meant to be a subtle satire of our society from Atwood. After all, she is known to hint sarcasm and satire in all her work. Atwood mentions that the pleeblands are filled with apartments, cheap stores, homeless people, etc, which are very much prevalent in modern neighborhoods that are not super wealthy. She writes about how the pleeblands are in bad condition, and when compared to the compounds, the pleeblands stick out like a sore thumb. I believe this is Atwood’s subtle effort to write about the often gross differences between the rich and the poor in modern society, and the imbalance between people of different societal status, and her way to show the perspectives of the two. The rich look down on the poor, as seen in ‘Oryx and Crake’ from the perspectives of Jimmy and Glenn, and the poor can’t stand the rich, as seen in ‘The Year of the Flood’ from the perspectives of Ren and Toby. By exaggerating it, she enables the readers to open their eyes to their privilege or

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