The Year Round Schooling System Essay

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Year round schooling has been present since the early 1900’s. It first appeared in urban areas because they were not tied to the agricultural cycle. The first cities to implement this system were Chicago, Boston, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, and Washington D.C. By 1975, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee adopted YRS for at least one school, however Vermont dropped YRS. Many states and school systems at least attempted the year round system to determine if there were any clear advantages to year round schooling. Year round schooling is beneficial to business, teachers and administration, and students performance in school, however, there is a negative impact relating to costs, the rural perspective, and students’ after school activities and grades. One major point of this article was that the year round schooling system contributes to economic prosperity. Businesses find it easier to provide jobs for students on a year round basis instead of having to provide jobs for students only in the summer months. This schooling system also allows students to graduate at different times, allowing for a decrease in unemployment compared to students who graduate together and compete for a few open job spots at that time. Many teachers and administration are in favor of this type of schedule because it allows teacher to be able to raise their income by teaching days of class on their vacations.

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