The Yellow Wallpaper Essay

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The Yellow Wallpaper is a story that exemplifies the common belief during the 1800’s. During then women were never held accountable for any duties other than being house bidden due to the weakness of handling stress. In the 1800s society was known to look past women who did anything besides house chores and raising children. Majority of women were then meant to be housewives and mothers and seen as the trophy wife and nothing more. It was extremely uncommon for the average women to want to further herself in life; this caused many nervous breakdowns and was assumed to be Hysteria. The ideals and ideas of conventions for these women did not always sit well with certain people, and in the reexamination, others were far too comfortable with them; this left demographics of humans that did not end up getting along. The only believable cure to Hysteria was to shutting the women inside a “get away” home for days on end. The idea of redemption was deemed noble, inspiring and turbulent; though many women refused to go against these forbidden acts but saw others as strong and encouraging. The pursuit in redemption is one that often came with high cost, what many forget is that there was a slim line between redemption and its equivalents. The Yellow Wallpaper is written from a characters point of view in a journal style which gave the reader descriptions of the home and those involved. The house was deemed as an old mansion and the yellow wallpaper in the narrator bedroom put an

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