The Zoo Story by Edward Albee Essay

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In The Zoo Story, Edward Albee shows an encounter between two very different men, Peter and Jerry, sitting at a bench in Central Park. The play depicts people living like animals in cages, isolated from each other, and refusing to communicate. The play presents characters who suffer from lack of real human relationships, the sense of loneliness from being alienated and isolated from other members of their own society. This suffering leads mainly to agonizing life experiences and finally to the death of Jerry, who greatly suffers from alienation. In the play, Jerry tries to break this kind of alienation and make contact with another human being and who finally binds himself to that other in death. Through Jerry Albee presents the problem of …show more content…

Even with his parents, he does not have any sort of solid memory. The way Jerry tells Peter how he feels about his parent death “I have no feeling about any of it that I care to admit to myself. Perhaps you see, thought why good old Mom and good old Pop are frameless” and the emptiness of the frames reflects that his parents are nothing now to him but shadowy memories hardly flashing in his own mind (24). The absence of their pictures represents the shallowness of their present appearance in his life. The empty picture frames illustrate the significance of his loneliness and emptiness, and it adds up to his feeling of alienation. Jerry’s relationship with women is another indispensable to understanding the state of alienation that Jerry suffers from. Jerry’s lack of contact with ladies can also be seen from the fact that he does not have long relationships with women. He tells Peter that he has very little contact with ladies: “I never see the pretty little ladies more than once” and he also admits “do I love the little ladies; really, I love them. For about an hour” (25). It is clear that his relationship with women is limited by prostitutes only, and it is only for a very short time and “once.” Therefore, he does not maintain long relationships, either because he does not want to get bound to them, or due to inability to sustain such relationships. The only relationship that lasted

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