The kitchen is arguably the last battle – ground for reproduction of gender relations in the western world. Discuss.

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The gender division in the food preparation has an atavistic stigma. Men hunted and acquired meat; women were preparing meat at home and served it to the family. All primitive communities are characterised by the subordinate role of woman. Food in Douglas’ classification theory has been linked with rituals which adherence prevents the chaos and the social destruction. Deep divide between gender roles in the patriarchal model of society, became a precondition of social order. Douglas (1971)
This rule still applies to the present society and “the kitchen” becomes probably the last battlefield of gender in the western world. In this essay I will present arguments that patriarchal reproduction of gender affiliation still
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These are institutions which have some overt function other than a political and/or administrative one: mass media, education, health and welfare, for example.
More numerous, disparate, and functionally polymorphous than the SA, the ISA exert power not primarily through repression but through ideology. (Althusser 1971 cited Allison 2013: 155)

Food and cooking play ideological key roles. State and media reproduce the image of a woman cooking in the kitchen (Nigella Lawson, Amy Finell, Giada De Laurentiis or Ina Garten) to show her love for her children or partner that involves the sexual men’s approval. (Swenson 2013: 145) However, the kitchen is a female place, but woman still has an unequal position there. The low-calorie food is seen as feminine food in opposition to the high – calorie food or meat as masculinity food. Clark (2013:235)
Swenson (2013: 140, 145) The sine qua non (an essential condition , the thing is absolutely necessary) of a good family relations is a joint dinner prepared wholly by the women. The double message is that the woman should cook to maintain traditional unity of family (woman in feeding) and that is her responsibility. Swenson (2013:145), El – Tom (2014)
She must take into account other tastes and the time of meals adapted to the rhythm of family life. (shifting cooking). Forson (2013:116). The woman in the culinary TV’s programmes occurs as an assistant or student of the man. If she travels
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