Avalon: The Two Sides Of American Dream

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The movie Avalon presents both sides of American Dream. In the beginning, Sam Krichinsky is ecstatic to tell the story about his arrival to America in 1914. He talks about the 4th of July celebration and his first job as a wallpaper hanger with his brothers. The Krichinsky brothers do the same work; therefore, they have same amount of income. They also live together and save money to bring more relatives to America to prosper. This shows that they have strong family circle and support each other. Times change and Sam Krichinsky and his family moves to suburbs. Sam’s son Jules with his cousin open discount appliances store. That is upside of American Dream shown in the movie. One can work hard, go on his own and achieve success and happiness. At the same time, that creates discontent with Sam’s brothers Gabriel and Nathan. Sam allows his family to cut turkey on thanksgiving before Gabriel’s arrival which makes Gabriel extremely upset. He blames this on Jules getting rich and Sam’s family not having respect for his brothers anymore. He also says that it is a tradition and sign of respect to wait for a family member before starting a dinner. This is a negative side of American Dream. Some of the relatives get ahead, some stay behind and it becomes a reason for quarrel. Also, Sam and his wife Eva move out from Jules house to live on their own. It is a good thing, because their families will be separate and have more space. The wife does not have to live with in-laws anymore. All

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