Racial Tensions And Racial Profiling

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With the recent upheaval in Ferguson, Missouri, racial tensions have taken a center stage role in the daily lives of many Americans. Color-blindness remains the gut response to inequality, but this ignores the fact that heritage makes us inevitably different. Thus, the question, why does society continue to assimilate other races into a color-blind whiteness instead of recognizing and affirming difference?
In modern society, racism is on a fast track to becoming a buzz word. Terms such as “cracker” and the “n-word” as racial slurs hurt feelings, but that does not make them racist. The racism comes from the historical context of the word and its reinforcement through time. “Cracker” is an example of racial prejudice but not racism because the word originally means someone in the south that refused to integrate after the civil war. However, the “n-word” is both racial prejudice and racist due to its historically oppressive context of slavery and association with the status of black bodies as animals of domination. While everyone is hurt by racial prejudice, this divergence is critical when addressing issues of race. This difference removes all chances of reverse racism that many whites claim as a means of victimization in order to claim their oppression of minorities is reciprocal. Essentially, racism is prejudice from a position of power and privilege.
With the surfacing of the civil rights movement, self-proclaimed advocates for equality incorporate an ethic of
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