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The poetry of Seamus Heaney is deceptively simple. Examine this comment in the light of his choices of subject, diction, and structure. You should refer to at least two poems in your responses.

The deceptive simplicity of the poet can be helped to be understood through P A M Dirac, who suggests that poetry tries to tell people in a way that is understood by no one, something everybody already knew.
If you can comprehend this, it is easier to see how the poetry of
Heaney can be called deceptively simple, the surface which appears to be the reminiscing of his youth, is misleading, in actuality it is hinting at something far more complex and explaining lessons of life that he learnt, that the reader may never grasps.

One of
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It is possible that the deeper meaning to a ‘Mid-Term
Break’ is that of coming to terms with the fact that it was not his fault that this pointless loss of young life occurred. He may have felt that if he had not been away at school his brother may never had died but the poet needs time (many years) to justify this and come to terms with his bereavement.

A common point in each of the poems is that of the poets’ internal struggle to come to terms with himself, acceptance of himself as the person he is. This is clearly seen in ‘Digging’ where he shows nothing but admiration for his father and the expertise needed to farm, which is highlighted by the use of technical terms such as ‘lug’. He finally concludes that his skill as a writer, a poet, is just as valued as that of a farmer and that in all likelihood his feelings of guilt at discarding tradition were not necessary and there was no need to believe he could not live up to expectations, he has accepted himself.

Through Heaney’s poetry we come to understand, that his ideas do not just relate to him, they relate to us as well, they show the connection between human lives. This is what William Carlos Williams calls “the universality of the local”. When you look deeper and scrutinize the poems they become more than just the memories of a man.
Beyond the surface there are layers of meaning, complexity,

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