Ming Dynasty Essay

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The influence and reverberations of the Chinese artists that became masters

throughout the Song, Yuan, and Ming dynasties are still felt throughout the world of

art today. In China they flourished along with the rich transitions of history they

went through to become what it is that continues their wave of influence throughout

the globe Today. The techniques implemented by these masters will be shown in

this catalog, masters were incredibly unique and original for their time but

eventually melded some styles to have the art and work in general brought to a

higher even more sophisticated Level.

The masters throughout the dynasties created many works that made

many people in china and then throughout the world astonished. Their
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1050–771 B.C.E.) ritual food vessel called a gui, emperors, most notably

Huizong, espoused cultured tastes of these educated elite and popularized them.

The Next piece is an image form Guo Xi who was a master from the Northern

Song Dynasty probably his most notable piece, the one being displayed,

is called “Early Spring” and will be explored later when discussing Song.

The next piece would be another ceramic also from the Northern Song Era

called Brush washer and its exemplifies the court taste that became prominent in

the 12th century under the patronage of the song emperor Huizong. Going back to

Ceramics this next piece unlike the other is not cracked however the interesting

story is that according to a Chinese myth there were two brothers and one was very

upset and wanted to ruin the other ones pot but the other brother ended up

enjoying the look and decided to keep it.... However this piece has a more tradition

approach and was simply titled “Brush Washer” which was art but also utilized like

some of the pots, in the three dynasties for daily activities. Also it was a general

known fact that Jingdezhen was/still is the capital of ceramics.

The next major work is From the Ming Dynasty and showed the amount
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