The 's Death, Concussion Protocol Has Been Raised Hugely By The Nfl

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Since Seau’s death, concussion protocol has been raised hugely by the NFL. First and foremost, the NFL now has an “eye in the sky” for each NFL game that is played. A certified athletic trainer now watches every single play from a press box that’s just above field level. This allows players to have more reassured safety when taking big hits. If there is even a thought of something that these medical trainers’ thinks look serious, they radio in a signal to the medical staff on the field. This is especially helpful since medical staff on the field sometimes miss certain plays. If a player is pulled aside, the then do a six part concussion test to see if they player can remain in the game. This includes consciousness, unresponsiveness, confusion, amnesia, eye sight, and balance. In an article posted by, they state the thoroughness of concussion protocol after the steps I listed above: “This sideline test includes the same tests performed as part of the pre-season baseline concussion assessment, as well as some additional questions. Like the preseason evaluation, the test measures, memory, concentration and balance, as well as measuring how quickly and thoroughly the player recalls words given to them at least five minutes earlier. As in the preseason examination, the team doctor asks players to name the month, date, day of week, year and time. The additional questions include specific sideline orientation questions that ask players to identify the venue, quarter of
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