The 's Fight For Justice Against Ethics Violations

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Doremus Ellison 09/14/2015 CRJU 3060 Fall 2015 Writing Assignment #1 Tamir Rice: Use of Deadly Force How many times have you turned on the television to hear some heart-breaking news about judges, police officers, security guards, and lawyers abusing their power to justify an outcome? Sometimes these outcomes result in ridiculous sentences, injury, and even death. Excessive force by a corrections officer has become an on-going problem within our country lately. The problem has been going on for years, but now it seems like the issue has been generating more attention. Just to name a few Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown are all stepping stones in today’s fight for justice against ethics violations in the criminal justice system. The national attention that these cases are receiving has thrown some light on comparative cases from the previous years, some prompting charges against the cops included, others not. Even children are not exempt from excessive force used by a criminal justice practitioner. Tamir Rice, a twelve year old kid from Cleveland, Ohio was shot and killed by Timothy Loehmann on November 22, 2014. Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback responded to a dispatch after receiving news that a black male was pointing a gun at people at a park. In the call the reporter mentioned that “he is just a juvenile and the gun is probably not real”. Those comments did not save Tamir’s life that day. When Loehmann and Garmack arrived to the scene

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