The 's Framework Of Structural Injustice Essay

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The case that this paper will be investigating is the maquiladora (currently called Solvay) chemical plant. It is one of the largest producers of hydrofluoric acid (HF) in the world- a highly corrosive acid that is dangerous to handle. Throughout it’s years of operations, there have been child deaths, chemical releases resulting in harms to the workers, and failed attempts to indefinitely shut down the plant. There has been an increasing trend of discrimination towards the migrant workers with the plant and the surrounding areas. This essay will apply Iris Marion Young’s framework of structural injustice to the case of Solvay. Structures defined by Iris Marion Young refers to the relationship of social positions to the conditions of the opportunities and life prospects of the persons located in such positions. This specific positioning occurs because of the way that actions and interactions reinforce the rules and resources available for other actions and interactions involving others who are placed in other structural positions. The consequence of the convergence of many actions is often the producer an reinforce of opportunities and constrains, which make their mark on the physical conditions of future actions, including the expectations of other actors. This is a mutually reinforcing process which consequently means that the positional relations and the way they condition individual lives are difficult to change. This is what Marion Young is meaning when she implies

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