The 's Present And Past History During The Time Of The Revolutionary War Essay

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“Give me liberty or give me death.” This quote was spoken by Patrick Henry. This paper will discuss Massachusett’s present and past history during the time of the Revolutionary War; as well as the causes of the war, Sons of Liberty, and important battles. Boston was where the action began. It began with taxes being raised, acts being made, such as the Stamp act. They were upset because legislature was taxing the Americans without a representative for the people(Bomboy). British forces arriving was another cause. Then, the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre occurred. Key figures and leaders came forward, such as Paul Revere, Samuel Adams,and John Hancock and they started calling for action(Sword She Seeks Under Liberty). Meanwhile in Worcester, political control was with the Americans, but the court was under control of the British. The British were attempting to regain control by marching on the courthouse where the citizens were gathered. The citizens held the British forces back but later were afraid that without protecting the courthouse at night, the British would take control of the courthouse, then take their tools, livestock, or farms as punishment and this sent people into more disarray. Tensions were escalating between people, so reasonable patriots called for a meeting of several counties that were involved in this. Meanwhile, British General Thomas Gage decided that he would hold the troops in Worcester at the time. He would take the Courthouse back

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