Research Paper On Infertility

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Infertility is the fundamental lacking of the ability to conceive a baby, and both men and women can have this problem. Dr. Clark, our guest speaker in class pointed out that approximately 30% of men and women are infertile, while 25% of infertility cannot be explain by science yet. Because of that, infertility is no longer considered as a lifestyle problem but a disease instead. According to Dr. Clark, one of the options for the infertility patients today is the use of stem cell therapies to treat infertility, and one of the recent popular stem cell therapies is reproductive cloning. Reproduction cloning is a process to “produce” a next generation of “you” through somatic cell nuclear transfer. In my paper, I will argue that …show more content…

Therefore, it is morally require for them to have the best of worst situation by utilizing the resources available. In the case of student B, the school can waive out his lunch expenses to ensure that he can have sandwiches for lunch like other students. In order to allow infertile people to become fertile, they should be given the right of access to fertility treatments such as IVF. As I mentioned above, adoption and IVF both give the infertile people an opportunity for parenthood. However, IVF is the better method of the two for the infertile people to have children since it provides the ten- month pregnancy experience to both the father and mother. If we do not allow infertile people to be treated by IVF, we are limiting their chances to be treated equally, which further limit them to act along their will. If we do not allow the infertile people to act along their will, then we are treating them as mean. This is not morally permissible because we have the moral obligation to treat people as an end but merely as a mean. As a result, limiting those people from IVF is morally impermissible. Reproductive cloning is similar to IVF because it also brings embryo into existence. This potential infertility treatment involves the creation of embryo using the genetic material of the parent. This is done by extracting nucleus from the person’s somatic cell and transfer into an oocyte through somatic cell nuclear transfer. Thus, the processed oocyte

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