Theban Necropolis Essay

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The Theban necropolis is located on the western bank of Thebes. It covering an area about 5.5 square miles which contains not only tombs but also temples, chapels and palaces. According to the custom, even in force at the beginning of the New Kingdom, many owners who had performed some functions in temples reproduced these on the walls of their tombs, hoping thus, by the magic of the image and the text, to continue their office in the after-life. It was also possible that some wanted to mark in their tombs, the recognition which they felt for the king who had provided their terrestrial needs through the intermediary. They also hoped that he would know how to appear as efficient for them in the beyond as he had been here when they were alive. …show more content…

It is probable that the owner of tomb whose functions have a relationship with royal worship, and which did depend economically on a temple of million years, felt less concerned. Maybe he also questioned a sovereign's will to which nothing special had connected him to serve him as an intercessor with the gods? The king was seen as a part of a royal genealogy alongside other deceased pharaohs, as well as alongside the gods. Most importantly, however, he was seen as a part of the daily life, and it is this role that afforded the king a place in the cultural memory of the people. The scenes of the royal family in these private tombs leads one to ask, if it less depiction of individuals and more representations of the idea of the king as the head of the state. This paper hopes to build on that by taking the case of representations of royal family in Theban private tombs in the 18th dynasty. The selected scenes will divide into some classification because the royal family appears in figures of many and different type in the New Kingdom private tombs at Thebes. The Categories of these figures or scenes are presented by Porter and Moss. This paper will display these entire scenes with the aim of showing if certain scenes were restricted to certain parts of the tombs and also it will be conducted by displaying the scenes in tables, the numbers that I give new number to each scene, not like P. M

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