Thematic Changes In The Nurse's Songs

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Content and Form Analysis of Thematic Changes in The Nurse’s Songs The Nurse’s Song from Songs of Experience is differentiated by its Songs of Innocence counterpart by a change from harmony with nature to conflict with nature, effectuated through the Nurse by placing the static ideal of innocence into the context of past and future. This essay will first discuss how the cycle of nature is aligned with the cycle of the children’s play in the Song of Innocence and how this alignment is disrupted in the Song of Experience. The Nurse serves in the role of protector for the children in both poems, but the Nurse’s attitude towards the children differs markedly between the two poems. The children’s innocence can be interpreted as either a constant for both poems or, alternatively, the children can be seen to demonstrate qualities of untrustworthiness and deceit in the Song of Experience, and the meaning of the Nurse’s words in that poem are different according to the interpretation. Elements of Romanticism can be identified clearly in the Song of Innocence, while seeming to lose meaning in the Song of Experience. However, whether or not…show more content…
The Nurse’s reminiscences of her youth mean that a reference is made to the past, while her warnings refer to the children’s future. This fundamentally means that the Nurse’s Song from Songs of Experience no longer floats in a moment of time without past or future, as does the Song of Innocence, but rather is placed in chronological context – a mere instant compared to the youthful years of the Nurse or the years ahead of the children. This is the reason for the thematic changes that occur between the two poems, and evidence of this can be seen not only in content, but also in the form of the two

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