Theme Of Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress

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Love is the one of the most powerful feelings one can experience. The other feeling is fear. When a situation combines the both of them, which will prevail? The passage chosen comes from Dai Sijie’s Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress where the Narrator experiences this struggle after being attacked and returning to an empty home. Only a fantasy about the Little Seamstress could remedy the gloom which hangs over him. The passage illustrates that the Narrator has a deep longing for the Little Seamstress but his respectful attitude towards her due to an underlying fear; which reveals his utter obedience.
The assault on the Narrator took a heavy toll on his mind, sending him into depression. The Narrator ends up in an all time low and in a state of emptiness. The Narrator describes his house as “lonely” and “bleak” with the “rancid” “smell of desolation” in the air. The gloomy diction reveals the feeling of isolation engulfing the Narrator as an expansive nothingness is felt inside of his small house. In an attempt to cure himself, the Narrator attempted to read his “favourite novel” but it was “impossible to concentrate on.” This selection of detail explains that nothing real, even if he deeply cared about it, would remedy the displeasure he was feeling. The “oppressive smell” of desolation would not resolve as a result the Narrator “was flooded with rage” once again. This ominous and powerful diction depicts the overwhelming nature of the events surrounding the Narrator

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