Theme Of Beneatha In A Raisin In The Sun

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Thomas M. Cirignano states, “Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, if written, results in a person explained.” This is demonstrative of Hansberry’s play A Raisin in the Sun as the character Beneatha is constantly misunderstood. The various struggles endured by Beneatha illustrate the effects racial discrimination has on African Americans. Beneatha is a quite complex character in which some might characterize her as a rebel. However, when one fully analyzes Beneatha, they view her desire to overcome the restrictions set upon her. Lorraine Hansberry best reveals the effects racial discrimination from one’s own people as well as outsiders has on African Americans forming identity through the minor, yet complex character, Beneatha. First, an overwhelming majority of African Americans are not afforded a satisfactory standard of education that will be conducive to their future which causes a divide between those who are educated and those who lack education. For example, Beneatha aspired to attend medical school to become a doctor, but her family did not understand this dream, nor did they have the finances to support this dream (Hansberry 36). Beneatha's collegiate level of education set her apart from her family as they were not formally educated in the same manner as Beneatha therefore they could not understand her aspirations which caused a great amount of distance between them. This is significant as it is representative of the various struggles African

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