Theme Of Fear In Hamlet

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In this play, Hamlet by Shakespeare, the protagonist, Hamlet, is told by the ghost of his father to get revenge for his death. In order to do this, Hamlet decides to act “crazy” to investigate the suspects involved in the murder, his uncle, mom, Polonius, etc, and to interpret their responses to all of his actions. With all this pressure placed upon him, he contemplates whether he should commit suicide and struggles with himself as to where he will end up, as in heaven or hell, after he has completed his duties to the ghost. In the world, fear has always kept people from doing things that they really wanted to do. Through the theme of fear, Shakespeare explores Hamlet’s internal conflict with the meaning of life in order to further explain how every decision that is made, has a sense of unfamiliarity in the outcome. In society, this type of fear keeps people from taking that leap of faith when making futuristic decisions.
Even though Hamlet seems to have full control of his mentality state, he is still attempting to grasp the unknown of the future. While Hamlet is speaking to “himself” in the lobby, he has a debate as to whether he should be alive or commit suicide, and also discusses the many different levels of the pros and cons of both decisions. During this speech he says: “to grunt and sweat under a weary life/But that the dread of something after death,/The undiscovered country from whose bourn/No traveler returns,” (3.1 lines 85-88). In this quote, Hamlet utilizes

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