Theme Of Feminism In Oleanna

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Oleanna is undoubtedly a controversial play. Due to a lack of background information and a plethora of ambiguousness, the characters and situation can be read in numerous different ways. The strongest rhetoric in Oleanna seems to align with anti-feminists. Anti-feminists may see the play as vindication for their prejudices and stereotypes against women. It seems that this play could cause more grief and misunderstandings between two groups that have been rife with troubles for ages. During the first reading of this screenplay, there are many clear anti-feminist messages. Later on in the play, Carol makes references to her “group.” It can be assumed that her group is a group of feminists. With this dogmatism, anti-feminist readers can augment…show more content…
He has a student who is struggling, and he wants to help her the best he can. He tries to connect to her through his own experiences and gives her the chance to redeem herself. However, Carol takes advantage of his kindness in Act II. Carol files a report against John to the tenure committee. Carol wrote in the report that John is sexist, elitist, a time waster, and that he told a sexually explicit story to her while locked up in a small room with her. She also misconstrues his words about “The White Man’s Burden,” which is a poem by Rudyard Kipling about the American occupation of the Philippines. John mentions “The White Man’s Burden” in the first act to compare public/private schools to the Spanish-American War. It is implied that Carol wrote in the report that he used the phrase to demean and belittle her and other women. Carol later says that John does not have anymore power. She talks about his group, which is assumed to mean men synonymous with power, versus her group, which is assumed to men women synonymous with defenseless. She tells John that even if he did not misuse his power, he is a part of a group that has taken advantage of their privileges. Again, John tells Carol that she is
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