Theme Of Gothic Elements In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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“Loneliness breaks the spirit.” Proverb. Edgar Allen Poe was abandoned by his dad and orphaned when his mom died. Later, he had to leave school because his adopted dad wouldn’t pay for it, and both his adopted mom and wife died of the same illness. He faced a lot of death during his life, especially of the women he loved. The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allen Poe uses many of the gothic and romantic elements to tell a story of the effects of loneliness in an isolated setting; except Poe has the woman in distress become the ultimate avenger. The Fall of the House of Usher includes many gothic elements. The story takes place in an isolated house that looks like a spooky castle with “fungi overspread the whole exterior hanging in a fine tangled web.” The setting creates horror in the narrator and reader because of the way it looks and the strange people who live in it. Mysterious elements include the fact that Roderick and Madeline are twins suffering unexplained illnesses and that the narrator can’t really figure out what is wrong with his old friend. Suspense is created in the final scene where events happening in the house are compared to events being described as the story The Mad Trist where Roderick sits in fearful suspense, openly waiting for something to come get him. “He had gradually brought his chair as to sit with his face to the door of the chamber…his lips trembled…as if murmuring to himself.” There are also supernatural elements like Madeline appearing
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