Theme Of Hercules In The Iliad

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The theme of an epic poem or short story is arguably the literary element that has the greatest effect on conflict in a story.
Theme is what the characters and the audience are supposed to take away after finishing the story. In Hercules and The Iliad, the overall themes of each story help to almost determine the conflict to come, and how that conflict will help to shape the character.
Many consider the main theme of The Iliad to be the very first line in the entire epic poem, in which a muse sings a song about ‘the wrath of Achilles’. This opening line of dialogue sets up the epic in a way that enable a lot of conflict to be set up.
“No man alive could keep the dog-packs off you, not if they haul in ten, twenty times that ransom and pile it here before me and promise fortunes more” (Beers 64).
In this quote, Achilles is brutally informing Hector that he will not return his body back to his family once he has died. This reflects back onto the theme of ‘the wrath of Achilles’, demonstrates how one person’s wrath can lead to deadly conflicts.
In Hercules, one theme that is commonly found is persevering against all of the struggles that one may encounter. In this epic poem, Hercules has to complete twelve challenges in order to prove he is a virtuous man (Hamilton). These twelve challenges easily allows for one conflict after another to occur throughout the entire story.
“By and by, no Geryon was there, but a huge snake, like one of those which Hercules had strangled in his

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