Theme Of Independence In The Poisonwood Bible

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Ashlynne George Mrs. Carlton/Mrs. Geffers AP Literature and Composition 8/15/17 Throughout the story there is an important theme of independence. The independence of a nation, the independence to be free, and the independence to believe what you want. Through it all the characters each found their freedom to do what they wanted to do in life and be independent from Nathan. There is also a sense of independence through all the girls. Orleanna, Leah, Rachel, and Adah are searching for a sense of independence in the story. Once they find it, they can live the way they want in life. The author, Kingsolver, used literary devices to develop this theme of independence. In the beginning of the Poisonwood Bible, Orleanna only follows her husband…show more content…
She only accepted what he did and interpreted religion the same way he did. But, she found herself and her own way of believing. After adopting the culture there in Africa, Leah starts to realize that maybe the people there don’t need Christianity. What they need is independence. In the poisonwood bible, Leah says, “For the first time ever I felt a stirring of anger against my father for making me a white preacher’s child from Georgia,” (110). This was the starting point of Leah finding her own independence and eventually making the decision to stay In Africa and marry Anatole. She also takes on her own intake of Christianity when she realizes that her father isn’t always right. Rachel is the type of girl to only care about her looks. The move to Africa was very hard for her. Learning the language and the culture was difficult for her. She is the type to use a lot of malapropism. In the poisonwood bible, she says “more scold thing they use in the army,” (167), instead of Morse code. By the end of the book, Rachel is more independent. She even gets married and ends up staying in Africa. Towards the end of the book she talks about how to survive living there. Rachel talks about not changing Africa but, finding your own place where you can get in a routine. Rachel has now adapted to life there and learned a lot about the culture. You could say she found her independence when she got married and
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