Theme Of Loneliness In Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck in the period of the raging Great Depression, revolves around loneliness and the failure of the American dream. Based in the Salinas River Valley in California; two migrant workers struggle to keep a job for more than a month and hustle to make their dream a reality. George Milton; a short, smart and bossy man, and his partner Lennie Small, a tall, mighty force that is cognitively impaired and is attracted to any soft animal or article of clothing, are the main characters of the tale. These two may seem like an unusual pair but are a storm to be reckoned with and in these selfish times it is unlikely for men of the kind to be friends. Within these difficult trials and the every-man-for-himself persona that is taken up by every personality; their relationship is seen as odd. Accompanying the characters, Candy; a useless one handed janitor, Crooks; an exiled and beaten black farmhand, and Curley’s Wife; a desperate lonely housewife, are all used to express the theme. In his novella, Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck uses Candy, Crooks and Curley’s Wife to prove that people will go to extreme measures to escape loneliness.
First off, Steinbeck uses Candy to prove that people will go to extreme measures to escape loneliness. In the following scenes of the story, Candy’s ancient dog had just been shot by Carlson; one of the working men on the ranch. Candy; being the mostly useless janitor who had his hand accidently cut off is agreeing to join
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