Theme Of Love In A Farewell To Arms

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In A Farewell to Arms, Lieutenant Frederic Henry retells his gruesome encounters of World War I as a medic serving for the Italian army. In an unprecedented encounter, Henry met Miss.Barkley during a trip to the nurse stations. The two young lovers quickly developed a romantic relationship which revolved around their strength, dedication, and perseverance in times of struggle and discord. The novel provides an understanding of how the strength of love triumphs over arduous matters, and provides solace in times of distress. Joel Armstrong reinforced his idea of the main principle of love in A Farewell to Arms by stating, “the love presented in the novel is such that it illuminates all of life, attracting the characters with its …show more content…

Lastly, during Henry and Barkley’s relationship, the two lovers expressed their devotion for each other in words rather than actions. For example, whenever they met, Barkley would always question if Henry truly loved her. In many scenes, Barkley would always ask the same question: “You do love me? You really love me?” (Hemingway, 92). In reply, Henry would answer: “I really love you. I’m crazy about you.” (Hemingway, 92). This displays their ability to address the doubts in their relationship with each other.
The constant attachment between the two lovers demonstrates a love that is like a “beacon of light- allowing the characters to “see” meaning in their experiences and “look forward” to a viable future” (Armstrong, 80). Both parties in the relationship showed that they preferred each other’s company more than anything else. In fact, nearly every minute of free time they had was spent in the arms of one another. Henry said he, “found it more pleasurable than going every evening to the house for officers where the girls climbed all over you and put your cap on backwards as a sign of affection…” (Hemingway 30) Throughout the novel it it became apparent that Henry’s thought were always on Miss. Barkley in even the most distressing and dismal times. An example of this, was when Henry was contemplating the dangers of war and in order to escape reality, Henry immediately thought about Catherine Barkley as he

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