Theme Of Love In Antigone

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Joseph Keighley was a thirty year old father whose wife had been subjected to a terrible illness. He loved her so much that he would perform any task she wished for him to do for her. however as time passes, she had passed away and his devoted heart for her rendered him to not be with any woman other than his wife. Love, a powerful word and action is often described to be something in which you devote your feelings and emotion to something or someone with full intent, however Love in Antigone, a tragic play, written by Sophocles reciprocates this idea in a completely new way. A theme that Sophocles writes throughout Antigone could possibly be the idea of loyalty to the city versus family, and he often grazes upon the origin on many of the themes, providing sufficient amount of details that could be used to support them. However, a possible main occuring theme of Antigone is that Love is unconquerable. This theme surfaces in many ways throughout the play, specifically, in the idea of Love overpowering every aspect that the Greeks and Athenians believed to be impenetrable. In the midst of the conflict between Creon and Haemon, Creon strongly dislikes and neglected Haemon’s point of view because he believes that he had been corrupted by a woman. Haemon is accused of being held captive by Antigone and his love for her recognized “[him as] the slave of a woman,” referring to the love that Antigone possesses, overpowering Haemon (Sophocles 769). Sophocles intentionally adds a

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