Theme Of Love In The Lord Of The Rings

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Love is synonymous with the good in The Lord of the Rings. There is a strong heroic love like no other between Frodo and Sam. It is abundantly clear that Sam would lay his life on the line for Frodo and the quest of destroying the Ring. There is love of honor and love of country and underlying all fashions of love is the love a fellowship—that of one man for another (Bradley 77). There is a heroism thrust in Frodo’s lap and he accepts the task although he does not know the way (Tolkien 264). Samwise is committed to Frodo and to stay by his side. Their friendship grows stronger as they journey to Mordor. Although Gollum nearly drives the young heroes apart, Samwise never leaves or abandons his master. There is an evident heroic love as the entire fellowship respects Gandalf and commit to the task of destroying the Ring as a group. As the tide changes and Gandalf battles on the bridge, the fellowship turn to Aragorn as a leading force. Aragorn is the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor and expresses himself as such to even the deadly force of Sauron. He slays in many battles for the lives and well-being of friends and those under his care. Gollum himself is the epitome of good and evil. Gollum is a forgotten and broken tangle of destructive behavior. His original name was Sméagol and much like the Hobbits, though they do not normally live nearly 600 years. His acquirement of the Ring and his descent into the caves of the mountains allowed him to survive. Frodo forgives

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