Theme Of Manipulation In 1984

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The citizens of Oceania constantly fear the Party, and what they can do. The Party constantly manipulated its people psychologically. Psychological Manipulation can be mostly shown in “1984” with the use of propaganda and the telescreens. In the modern day world, it can be seen mostly through marketing. Our modern day marketing and advertising correlates with the theme of psychological manipulation in “1984”, and that can be shown when they play with the viewer’s emotions, use black and white or good and bad messages, and influence the subconscious mind.

Modern day marketing correlates with the theme of psychological manipulation because they play with the viewer’s emotions. In “1984”, the Party uses signs reading, “Big Brother is watching you,” which has the citizens of Oceania expressing fear and paranoia. They also use “Two Minutes Hate” which is designed to use the shared hatred of the people against the supposed enemies of the Party to strengthen the Party's position among the people. With marketing, it’s not completely sinister alike the Party’s way of manipulation. The article “The Science of How Marketers (and Politicians) Manipulate Us” tells that marketers in order to sell their products, they play with our emotions by creating a story that’s irrelevant to their product to manipulate us in order to buy it. Same goes for political marketing, according to the article, political marking manipulates us to have an emotional approach to their ideas rather than a

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