Theme Of Patriarchy In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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This paper is discusses on the novel Zora Neale Hurston in the light of Patriarchy. The protagonist of the novel, Janie is taken for analysis. This paper also involves in delineating characteristics traits of the male characters in the novels. Further, the paper studies the treatment that is meted out to the protagonist at the hands of men in the selected novel. The paper studies the novel in terms of the violence, subjugation and oppression that the male characters pose to the protagonist in the novel. The paper discusses on the various levels of suppression that Janie undergoes at the hands of the people who are highly patriarchal in mind set. Further, this paper details on how the protagonist stands as a model to shun suppression at the …show more content…

The novel was published in the year 1937. It is a depiction of a woman, whose life itself is an endeavour to oppose patriarchy. The protagonist show case great characteristic traits of representing the spirit of change. She breaks the norms that are posed by the male chauvinistic people around her. As the novel begins it is evident that Janie is suppressed by her own grandmother. This is the first level of suppression she undergoes. Here, a woman is suppressed by another woman of her own family, who has a mind that is glutted with the notions of patriarchy. The grandmother in Their Eyes Were Watching God though understands the sufferings of Janie, believes that it is her duty to get Janie married to the much older rich man. She believes that only a male support can make her life secured and happy. Here the grandmother represents the familial violence that is meted out to young women by people with patriarchal ideologies. According to her, a man is superior to a woman. She believes that only a man can give life and protection to a woman. The grandmother sticks to the old beliefs about marriage. This is one of the notorious notions that the patriarchal society hold on to. She fails to understand that women can live a secured life without even getting married. However, Janie is suppressed here. Janie is unable to protest against her much beloved grandmother. She becomes Logan’s

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