Theme Of Romantic Love In Don Quixote

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Romantic Love in Don Quixote “What is love? / Baby don't hurt me / Don't hurt me / No more.” What Is Love by Haddaway. Romantic Love is what gives a story a purpose and sense of emotion. When thinking of Romantic Love, people describe it as two people in a relationship who love each other so much. They can be specific and say it is a relationship between two heterosexual people or it can be between two homosexual people. Romantic Love can be anything and throughout this essay I will be analyzing Romantic Love in Don Quixote and comparing or contrasting it to other texts that we have read throughout the quarter. To begin, I would like to start off with the one-sided Romantic Love in Marcela’s and Grisostomo’s love life. To give some insight on who these characters were, “Marcela, now a rich young woman, in the custody of one of her uncles… The girl grew up with such beauty…” (Don Quixote Pg. 1717) In the past, women were basically born to grow up into mature women and get married off to have kids. Grisostomo was a suitor that fell head over heels for Marcela, yet she ignored his desire and love to be with her. Grisostomo didn’t take the rejection lightly and he decided to kill himself. This sounds very familiar to another romantic novel, to give hints, a story about to teenage lovers who couldn’t stand not being together, Romeo and Juliet. You can possibly say that doesn’t make sense, but it does, it was just one sided from the male, Grisostomo’s side. Romeo and Juliet is
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