Theme Of Sin In The Crucible

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Both The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Crucible by Arthur Miller have moral and psychological aspects that are still relevant. People can still somehow relate to this and connect with these aspects of the stories. Both of these stories involve sin and guilt as well as morals and ethics. Sin is a topic that is equally relevant in the book and play as it is today. Although there have been changes in our society, these literary pieces still hold knowledge and ideas that are prominent today. The psychological and moral aspects of sin in The Crucible and The Scarlett Letter makes these works relevant for today’s readers because people still experience public humiliation or judgment, punishment, and strong guilt. In both the texts …show more content…

In The Scarlett Letter, Hester was punished for sinning by having to wear a scarlet letter on her chest for the rest of her life and sent to prison: “On the breast of her gown…appeared the letter A” (50). Hester was punished for actions and had to go to prison as well as wear the Scarlet Letter on her chest. The A represented what she did and served her as a reminder of her sin; therefore, it was her punishment. The book is relevant because today punishment for crimes still happens although it has changed. For instance, people are sent to jail or are obligated to serve their community for their crimes; people still have to serve their sentence for a crime or sin they committed. The letter A on Hester’s bosom comes close to someone having to wear an ankle monitor as a reminder that they did something wrong. In The Crucible, there are also people who were punished for sinning and some who were wrongly accused. Anybody who was charged with witchcraft was hung as their punishment even if it was not true and Hale explains how many people died: “Excellency, I have signed seventy-two death warrants” (99). It is unfair that if someone is wrongly accused of a crime and they do not confess, they are still punished when they do not deserve it. Even though some people were unfairly accused of witchcraft, they were punished and hung. Punishment …show more content…

These books are taught because they reflect our society and feelings. Sin’s aspects make the novel and book relevant to today’s readers because people still have to go through public humiliation or judgment, strong feelings of guilt, and punishment. The psychological and moral aspects they contain are prominent and relate to today’s reader somehow. Although there have been many changes in our society, a lot of it is still the same as in The Crucible and The Scarlett

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