Theme Of Suffering In Oedipus The King

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The Agony of Suffering Pain is now and forever. Everyone suffers for one reason or another and it is this suffering that pushes people to completely change in order to catalyze themselves from the agony, but what if the catalyst is the cause of the suffering in the first place? While Oedipus struggles through his pride, Sophocles seeks to dive into the deeper meaning of life and addresses up the question, “Is ignorance the ultimate cause of human suffering?” which, through the plot of the story, Sophocles attacks the blindness people cast upon themselves so that they can hide from the darker aspects of the world when truly, they are only inviting more agony into their lives. His antidote is also his poison. In order to truly understand what Sophocles means, the question “Is ignorance the ultimate cause of suffering?” must be broken down. Ignorance is a significant theme throughout Oedipus the King as it magnifies from Oedipus and the actions that he takes.. Oedipus’ blindness spawns from his fear of the truth. He chooses lock away his past. This is shown when Tiresias reveals to Oedipus that he is the killer of Laius, but Oedipus chooses to ignore Tiresias and accuse him of blasphemy which forces Tiresias to expose Oedipus’s blindness stating, “Your great fortune, true, it was your ruin. (503)” This shows that through all his recent success, Oedipus has suppressed his past memories which has kept him from seeing the truth in this whole situation.
The irony in Oedipus

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