Theme Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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The internet is a splendid way to find the information needed in a quick manner, but it also provides negative outcomes. The use of technology has become overly important to how society functions on a daily basis. People rely on their phones and computers constantly during the duration of the day and prefer to use these forms of tech over face to face interaction. In Fahrenheit 451, books have been outlawed by the government because people stopped reading them and they discussed controversial topics making them do more harm than good. Guy decides to start saving books from the fires and revolts against the hate for books because he thinks that people need to know the knowledge that they hold. He is married to a woman named Mildred who is obsessed with watching her programs and does not really love Guy. Throughout Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, with the overuse of technology, individuals have become shallow and void of awareness, this also occurs today.
The character in the novel, Mildred, was the character that showed the obsession with technology and it led to her being shallow. Technology overuse in the novel is what causes the characters to be shallow. Mildred is always watching her programs and starts to think of them as if they are more important than her husband. Guy was trying to have a conversation and asked, “‘Will you turn the parlor off?’ he asked.’” Mildred replied, “‘That’s my family’” (Bradbury, 46). Mildred had become shallow, meaning that she lacks

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